Bojack: Hollywood's Spirit Animal

As much as we all miss Bojack, the Netflix phenomenon ended better than most animated series. Though the story may have been fictional, the lifestyle and depression of the lonely career of a Hollywood Actor is not. Bojack couldn't have summed it up better...

The fans love to quote the cynicism from Mr. Butters, and why wouldn't they? His charming smile and peppy love for Bojack's fame makes every word that comes out of his mouth pure comedy gold. Bojack couldn't be unluckier in his life, thanks to his pessimism and self entitled stardom as a TV series celebrity. And what an anthem it's become in 2016! Who hasn't felt the same? We all post it on Facebook. The snarky comments, the backhanded insults - it's like we were breeding gossipers without thinking twice of the bullies that made us bitter. It may not have helped, but it did make us feel better. And alas, this is where Hollywood thrives.

If you've listened to Michael Jackson's last few albums, you'd know how getting even sells. Pin team Jacob and team Edward against each other, or plainly voting for Trump would create fandoms without trying. Because of this, it's not just Hollywood that accepts Bojack as its spirit animal, but the entire "Millennial" generation.

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