Azure Lorica establishes itself through public programs, and, with Ambassadors, we are able to organize these programs internationally. If you're interested in hosting meetups, to encourage writers to prep for the next festival or magazine issue, please contact us today!

What Do Ambassadors Do?
The position is an online volunteer position - meaning, you can do this from Los Angeles, or New York, or London, or Beijing - all at the convenience of your cellphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

As an Ambassador, you'll be writing for our blogs, and encourage our subscribers to continue their projects for our next production, per article:

How To Apply As An Ambassador?

Send us a sample writing piece attached to your email, introducing yourself and your interest to be an Ambassador for our blogs, and we will contact you, as soon as possible.

Please email us with the title "Attn: Ambassador"to:
Eugene Cordell, Editor