Do you have a book that needs a new home? Have your shelves reached max capacity, and your hallway/library/vault is unable to house the complete knowledge of your undiscovered realms? Are you looking for a nonprofit to assist, and become part of something bigger? Then, please consider Azure Lorica for your next donation. We are a 501c3 charity organization, making all your in-kind donations tax deductible. 

Why Azure Lorica?

We promote social justice through festivals and publishing, including, concerts, film festivals, and online magazines. With your book donations, we'll be able to continue our public service in supporting causes, such as antibullying, mental health awareness, equal rights, and more. 

Our mission is: "We empower artists with an opportunity to conceptualize social justice through community based projects by producing multimedia and performing arts, to give voice to those affected by injustice, and to motivate the public to advocate for systemic change."

By donating your books, we'll be able to easily raise funds from our Online Bookstore. This allows families to enjoy a paperback, hardcover, or any other media you may have available to contribute to our cause, to promote our cause. 

How To Donate Books?

We accept paperbacks, hardbacks, and ebook readers, in good condition. The process is easy:
  1. Ship the books with your legal name/company title to:
    Azure Lorica
    10756 Redmont Ave.
    Los Angeles, CA 91042
  2. Await and receive your tax deduction receipt, along with a certificate of support from Azure Lorica;
  3. Repeat...when you're ready to donate again :)

About The Azure Lorica Online Bookstore

In order to extend our service, we opened the Azure Lorica Online Bookstore, to fundraise and house our new publishing house [learn more]. We sell CD's, Records, and, of course, Books! It's a humble endeavor, and we hope you may appreciate our cause, as we continue to advocate for systemic change.