Azure Lorica has numerous programs that support artists to build an antibully society. To cross media and subjects, we've made the following eMagazines to help you navigate through all of our lovely festivals, publications, and more:

Azure Lorica Film Club

The Film Club consists of the Independent Film Network, FanFilm Awards, and the various film exhibitions we provide to the community. It is a level of service that we're proud of, as most of the films in our collection are award winners, spectacular nominees, and popular on-demand independent films from around the world.

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Azure Lorica Book Club

The Book Club is a private publishing house that members can order books voted to be reprinted and published by its committee. We choose unpopular books from forgotten book shelves, and new books written by our Writers. To become a member, you must volunteer for a title or be a published Author in Azure Lorica.

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Azure Lorica Antibully Society

The Society was established for the sole purpose of fundraising for underfunded organizations that aid antibully, mental health, and discrimination awareness nonprofits. It is the umbrella title of everything that Azure Lorica stands for. We collect films to show, books to preserve, and publish magazines to promote these media products and attract supporters.

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