Welcome to Azure Lorica Society - your media society for social justice. We are a volunteer program that give our volunteers hands-on experience in producing, publishing, and organizing events, press, and festivals. The membership is free, and is supported through donations alone.


As you've noticed, this website has a language that may sound outlandish. The point for it is to help you learn how we manage our media society - the world needs magic to battle bullying, mental illness, and many more! Below are the titles we use to esteem our society members:

Editors of Azure Lorica's blogs. These writers are essential to Azure Lorica's mission to spread social justice, internationally. Each Ambassador is recruited according to their respective place, geographically, to invite artists of all sorts, to join and participate in Azure Lorica's projects.


The good Donors of Azure Lorica are called Dragons. We may hunt for them, but we never slay these magnificent creatures. They provide for us, they allow us to build a brighter future. In Azure Lorica, Dragons are to be taken care of, in not tamed, then admired.

These warriors are the Entrants to our contests and challenges. From writers to filmmakers, actors to photographers, they are Azure Lorica's most esteemed Champions against social injustice.

Those who have power to govern Azure Lorica are considered Magicians: Board of Directors, Committees, etc.

Each Officer holds a royal title, and those who hold the title of Vice President or such, are considered Prince and Princesses. They may also be considered Magicians, so as long as they are in a governing position - not just a creative position.

To begin, we are all Legends. Volunteers that have made a difference may be a creature, human, or anything really. But whatever they are, we will always be mentioned as Legends - recognized as contributors in volunteerism.

Volunteers that aid Azure Lorica are rewarded with titles for responsibility in their volunteerism:
  • Apprentices -  new volunteers that are learning during orientation, and have only completed tasks that demand their individual tasks to be met.
  • Guardians - volunteers that take charge over virtual volunteers, via online, are awarded their first braided hair tie.
  • Sages - volunteers who maintain a sustainable system that aid to Azure Lorica's service, are awarded their second braided hair tie.
  • Immortals - volunteers that are charged to hold leadership of a Committee are awarded with the last braided hair tie. These Immortals are Magicians.