Azure Lorica Society accept submissions from FanArtists for our quarterly Azure Lorica eMagazine publications. Our eMagazine promote filmmakers and scriptwriters, including accepted submissions of fanart, to support our cause in social justice. Azure Lorica support mental health awareness and antibullying by inviting charitable organizations to host panels at our events, and place advertisements in the published Azure Lorica eMagazine issues.

For submissions, please follow the rules below:
  1. Submit fanart, or parody of popular fictional characters;
  2. Submission may be under any subject matter;
  3. Pornography is prohibited;
  4. Submissions must be at least 72 dpi/ppi, of at least 1000px in width or height (in a ratio of 3:4 or 4:3);
  5. Published works in Azure Lorica eMagazine are qualified to enter the annual Azure Lorica FanFic Gala -- winners of each category will have their work printed and displayed at the Pasadena Central Library, during the FanFic Gala (read below to learn more);
  6. Submitter may submit one FanArt per category;
  7. The categories are: Best Game FanArt, Best Literature FanArt, and Best Film & Series FanArt;
  8. Submissions must be emailed to our Chief Editor, titled "Azure Lorica eMagazine Submission", with a .JPG image of your FanArt, a description of which character and story you chose for your entry, and a written artist statement attached as a .PDF document:
Eugene Cordell
e.cordell @


Azure Lorica's annual FanFic Gala is a live reading event, hosted at the Donald R. Wright Auditorium, in the Pasadena Central Library. Every October, we cast professional actors for a table read, and Finalists from FanFic Gala get the chance to have their scripts read before a live audience. 

This event is a Benefit to aid Azure Lorica's charity to support social justice through art. To learn more, visit: